DESCRIPTION Battery Powered, Sensor/Programmable Timer Operated FLUSH GENIE ® Side Mount Retrofit Conversion Kit for Exposed Urinal and Water Closet (Toilet) Flushometers.
MODELS AVAILABLE (FLUSH CYCLES) Model HSM-801-RFG (Flush cycle is detemined by flushometer being used)
FEATURES - Patented Gear Motor Drive - Built-in Sensor Mode and Timer Mode for Ultimate Functionality - Programmable Settings on Timer Mode Allow Flushing Once Every 30 minutes, 1, 2, or 3 Hours - Electronic Push Button- Front (Sensor Mode Only) - Mechanical Override- Side (Using Manual Flush Key) - Vandal and Water Resistant Design - Chrome Plated Metal Housing - Quiet Operation - Operates on (4) “C” Alkaline Batteries (Included) - Battery Life - 3+ Years - “Low Battery” Blinking LED Indicator - Easy Battery Replacement-No Water Shut Off Necessary - Adjustable Sensor Distance (Sensor Mode Only) - Optional Three (3) Second Flush Delay (Sensor Mode Only) - Optional 24-Hour Flush (Sensor Mode Only) - Installation Tools Included - No External Volume Adjustment for Water Conservation
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5 Years
The FLUSH GENIE ® is a fully programmable automatic flush device for urinals and toilets. The smart design allows the device to be switched between sensor activated mode and timer controlled mode. When in SENSOR activated mode, the unit sends out an infrared beam that senses a user on a urinal or toilet. Once the user walks away from the fixture the unit triggers the fixture to flush automatically. The unit includes an electronic push button to allow for a courtesy flush option. When in TIMER controlled mode, the unit converts most urinals into water efficient fixtures by controlling the amount of daily flushes. The flush intervals can be programmed to flush once every 30 minutes, 1, 2, or 3 Hours. The unit will go to SLEEP if a user is NOT detected within 135 minutes since the last use to prevent flush activation while the facility is closed. A mechanical manual flush override using the provided MANUAL FLUSH KEY will allow the custodial staff (not the user) to flush the unit manually at any time. (Note: electronic push button is deactivated in TIMER mode).
The FLUSH GENIE ® Advantage
Specifications - HSM-801-RFG
Retrofit Options Standard FLUSH GENIE ® Side Mount can be used on AMTC flushometers as well as various flushometer models manufactured by Sloan ® , Zurn ® , and Helvex ® . - Model HSM-801-RFG-AS (Includes Adapter for American Standard Piston Flushometer) - Model HSM-801-RFG-SG (Includes Adapter for Sloan Gem Piston Flushometer)
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