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At AMTC our philosophy is simple: Innovate and Manufacture the Most Reliable Touch-Free and Water-Efficient Commercial Plumbing Products.
When we started the company in 2002, our first goal was to develop a line of touch-free plumbing fixtures that would not only be reliable and aesthetically pleasing but would also require the least amount of maintenance. We consulted with hundreds of industry professionals including architects, engineers, plumbers, and maintenance personnel at various facilities throughout the nation to uncover the most common issues with the brands they were using. According to our extensive research, the most consistent problem was fixture downtime due to faulty solenoids. Therefore, AMTC set out to develop its product line where we didn’t just concentrate on improving current designs, but also focused to eliminate the solenoid problem forever. With that goal in mind, our founder and head engineer (having a vast technical background in the industrial sewing machine industry), developed a mechanism using Micro-Cam Technology that would become revolutionary in plumbing automation. Today, 20 years later, we are proud to say that AMTC’s patented Micro-Cam Technology platform has set a new standard of reliability for touch-free and water-efficient plumbing products. Learn more about AMTC’s unique product line today!
The next generation of reliability was here 20 years ago!
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