DESCRIPTION Hardwired, Sensor Operated HYBRIDFLUSH ® Top Mount Retrofit Conversion Kit for Exposed Urinal Flushometers
MODELS AVAILABLE (FLUSH CYCLES) Model AEF-801-HWRU-18 (0.125 gpf/0.5 Lpf) High Efficiency Model AEF-801-HWRU-05 (0.5 gpf/1.9 Lpf) High Efficiency Model AEF-801-HWRU-10 (1.0 gpf/3.8 Lpf) Low Consumption Model AEF-801-HWRU-15 (1.5 gpf/5.7 Lpf)
FEATURES - Patented BRV ® and Gear Motor Drive - Hands Free Infrared Sensor Activation - Vandal and Water Resistant Design - Chrome Plated All Metal Housing - Quiet Operation - True Mechanical Flush Button or Handle (Side) *Mechanical Button/Handle Works When Electrical Power is Out - Operates on 6-Volt DC Power (Transformer Sold Separately) - Adjustable Sensor Angle - Adjustable Sensor Distance - Optional Three (3) Second Flush Delay Mode - Optional 24-Hour Flush Mode - Uses Proprietary Silicone Diaphragm with Filtered Bypass
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5 Years
The HYBRIDFLUSH ® is a revolutionary full-featured automatic/manual flushometer. The HYBRIDFLUSH ® incorporates a unique patented mechanism that allows for automatic/manual operation for unsurpassed reliability. The patented HYBRIDFLUSH ® design allows for a push button to be used as an alternate flush option that is independent of the battery power. The HYBRIDFLUSH ® by Advanced Modern Technologies Corporation is the most efficient, economical, and complete automatic flush valve system on the market.
The HYBRIDFLUSH ® Advantage
RETROFIT OPTIONS - S Retrofit for Sloan ® Valve Bodies - Z Retrofit for Zurn ® Valve Bodies
*AEF-801-HWRU units DO NOT include a Valve Body, Supply Stop or Vacuum Breaker.
Specifications - AEF-801-HWRU Accessories - PB-C - AMTCTRANS6VDC
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