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November 2016 AMTC Flush Valves & Systems Receive WaterSense ®  Certification October 2016 AMTC Exhibiting at the ASPE 2016 Convention & Exposition in Phoenix, Arizona October 31 - November 1, 2016 October 2016 AMTC Exhibiting at the WaterSmart Innovations Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada October 5-6, 2016 September 2016 AMTC Exhibiting at the Northern California Facilities Expo in Santa Clara, California September 21-22, 2016 August 2016 AMTC Introduces a New Line of Commercial Toilet and Urinal Bowls and Complete Flush Valve Systems May 2015 AMTC Introduces the FLUSH GENIE ®  Side Mount for Urinals and Water Closets February 2015 AMTC Introduces the AUTOMATIC JANITOR Side Mount for Urinals June 2014 AMTC Exhibiting at the ASPE 2014 Convention & Exposition in Chicago, Illinois September 20-24, 2014 February 2014 AMTC’s Manual Water Saving Flush Handles May be Rebated by your Water Agency January 2014 AMTC Expands its International Distribution Network September 2013 AMTC Expands its U.S. Based Distribution Network May 2013 AMTC Introduces the HYBRIDFLUSH ®  HALF-FLUSH ®  Side Mount for Urinals December 2012 AMTC Introduces the HYBRIDFLUSH ®  Side Mount for Water Closets (Toilets) and Urinals April 2012 AMTC Introduces the Manual Flushometer Line for Water Closets (Toilets) and Urinals February 2012 HEALTHFLO ®  Hands-Free Faucet System offers Safe and Effective Hand Washing for Healthcare Facilities January 2012 FIXEDFLO ®  High Efficiency Sensor Faucet Wins Building Operating Management Magazine’s 2012 Top Products Award June 2011 AMTC Moves to New Facility March 2011 AMTC Introduces the FIXEDFLO ®  High Efficiency Sensor Faucet System January 2011 AMTC is Awarded Building Operating Management Magazine’s 2011 Top Products Award for its Water Saving DUALFLUSH ®  Handle September 2010 AMTC Introduces an Interactive Water and Maintenance Savings ROI Calculator March 2010 AMTC Sensor Faucets Receive IAPMO Certification for ASME A112.18.1-2005/CSA B125.1-05 and California AB1953 Lead Free Law February 2010 New Products in Development June 2009 AMTC Partners with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) WaterSense ®  Program February 2009 ASPE EPE 2008 Interview with AMTC January 2009 DUALFLUSH ®  and HALF-FLUSH ®  Water Saving Flush Handles are Introduced January 2009 Hydro-Power Electric Generator for use with the HYBRIDFLO ®  Sensor Faucet System is Introduced January 2009 HYBRIDFLO ®  Models AEF-300 and AEF-302 Sensor Faucet Systems are Introduced January 2009 AMTC Introduces AXIO ®  Touch-Free Technology October 2008 AMTC Announces Equity Investment April 2008 AMTC Products Win Prestigious 2008 ADEX Awards February 2008 HYBRIDFLO ®  Model AEF-301 Sensor Faucet gets Battery Pack Upgrade April 2007 HYBRIDFLO ®  Model AEF-301 Sensor Faucet System Now Includes the Patented BRV ®  Mechanism January 2007 PM Engineer Magazine - Manufacturer Spotlight on AMTC December 2006 AMTC Joins the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) June 2005 New Upgraded Features to the HYBRIDFLUSH ®  Model AEF-801 Automatic Flush Valve System October 2004 Limited Warranty Update November 2003 AMTC Introduces the HYBRIDFLO ®  Model AEF-301 Sensor Faucet System November 2003 AMTC Introduces the HYBRIDFLUSH ®  Model AEF-801 Automatic Flushing System
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